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Becoming project experts

Projekt Rising’s co-founders, Tim and Oli, spent many years gaining experience as project managers, business transformation managers, international service providers, and project consultants for numerous international companies including Caterpillar and Upwork.

Understanding project challenges

 In each role, they saw that companies were faced with the same constant challenges when looking to manage projects, find the right resources, and deliver on time.
These challenges led to errors, delays or incomplete projects.

An impossible task?

It was obvious that what seemed like an impossible task had to become a reality in order to overcome these challenges, so an idea began to form in Tim’s mind:

“We needed the best project management processes, combined with always available, always polite, always aware, project managers who were knowledgeable in the delivery of any remote project.”

The thought process

The key was to think of project management as a workflow, project plans as interrelated tasks and project delivery as a series of actions leading resources to deliver. 

Tim and Oli were soon discussing how they could develop a project delivery solution that could be trained to manage any project type to conclusion and use project resources without restriction to a specific platform. 

Projekt Rising is launched

Tim and Oli already knew how to find and manage the best global resources and lead them to successful delivery, so they launched Projekt Rising, combining their abilities with workflows and machine-intelligence that could take their knowledge of delivery and automate the challenging areas of project delivery… for any project! 

Today and tomorrow...

Projekt Rising is enabling any company in any industry to quickly and expertly complete any project or task without needing to know the intricacies of the project type or be bothered by the day to day delivery. 


Our founders

Tim Davies


Oli Corder


Our core team

Chris Richardson


Bryony McDonald


Jo Ashby


Our global talent pool

     We work with the best global specialists, carefully selected and vetted by us, to deliver your projects.

No matter what skill you need, we can help.

With hundreds of pre-vetted specialists on our team, we are growing and alway looking for more experts in any field.

If you would like to join us and work with exciting companies worldwide, get in touch today. 

Matt Scott

UX Designer

Lee-Anne Weston-Ford

South Africa

Anita Jacob


Kevin Hicks

Video Producer

Diana Kosenko

Graphic Designer

Andre Morte

Doctor & Medical Writer

Shelley Avellino

Freelance Voiceover

Uyen Vo

Technical Writer

Jane Chong

Content Creator

Alex Lupuyev

Motion Designer

When I work on a project with Projekt Rising, I always look forward to working with the team because I know it will be a pleasant experience, no matter how complicated the project.

I’ve never had an easier time working with a talented group of individuals.

Andre Morte


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