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Working for Projekt Rising has been such a valuable experience. My on-boarding process was well organised and really helpful to understand the company, ways of working, and clients.

The project types are varied, which is great as there are different challenges for each project and plenty of room for development. I’ve also received complete project support and guidance from Oli, which has been invaluable.

Jo Ashby

Project Manager, Projekt Rising

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We aim to improve your working life and give you opportunities to enhance your professional growth.

Our clients trust us to build them the right team and we trust our experience and rigorous selection process to choose you to be part of Projekt Rising. 


Control your workload and decide which projects you accept.


Work from anywhere in the world and choose the hours you work.

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Many of the most talented people on the planet, don’t enjoy or can’t get to a company office.

We offer specialists the flexibility to work when and where they want, on a variety of projects for some of the most exciting companies in the world.

Kevin Hicks

Video Producer

Matt Scott

UX Designer

Anita Jacob

Specialist Writer

Andre Morte

Doctor & Writer

Shelley Avellino

Freelance Voiceover

Uyen Vo

Technical Writer

Jane Chong

Content Creator

Alex Lupuyev

Motion Designer

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