Global Remote Project Delivery

We build and manage bespoke teams of amazing freelancers

You benefit, without the usual pain of finding the right freelancers, using a platform or managing their delivery.

We use the best freelancers on the planet, doing what they love, ensuring exceptional quality

Go Direct to Talent, no fancy offices or excess management, at least 50% lower cost than your traditional agency

No resource or capacity constraints, enabling rapid parallel delivery

Quality, Cost, Time, pick 3!

We are proud to serve:

“Projekt Rising is many factors faster, more cost-effective, and deliver work of a higher standard than previous business partners. This is enabling us to complete more projects, get to market faster, while reducing internal pressure and stress.”
VP Marketing, Global Pharma.
“Working with Projekt Rising is like having someone from your own team, they feel so accountable that makes you trust that the project will go ahead no matter what.”
Design Manager – Fortune 100
“From initial brief through to end result we were delighted with the quality of the finished products and the speed with which they were delivered. We have no hesitation in offering a wholehearted endorsement of the Projekt Rising concept and they will be our go-to business for similar work in future.”
Director – APAC Staffing Agency
“One of the best experiences of this type I’ve had. Super helpful, extremely qualified and a pleasure to work with”
COO – Global Media Agency
“Great support and professionalism in helping secure the correct resource and in a timely fashion – thank you!”
Brand Manager – Global FMCG
“Thank you, extremely satisfied with the ability to respond to short notice and quality of finished work.”
Director – Global FMCG
“You have been great, super quick, used initiative, the resources have been excellent and you’ve been patient with me!”
Patient onboarding lead – Global Pharma