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How much does project delivery cost?

The best way to know how much your outsourced project will cost is to send us your project brief for a personalised quote.


Every project is different…

… But a true partnership requires transparency, so this page will show you:


What factors influence price


Examples of completed projects


Frequently asked pricing questions

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What influences the cost?

Several factors affect how much an outsourced project costs to complete. But we can adjust them to meet your budget.


Firstly, an urgent deadline can often increase the price. If you are able to be flexible with deadlines then it will have a positive impact on your budget.


Secondly, building a team with our skilled freelancers, your resources, or a hybrid impacts price, but we can help you decide which option is best for you.

Project Scope

Thirdly, our project capability is vast, ranging from small £200 projects to over £200,000. Inevitably, the scope of the project affects the price.

What is included in the price?

Our quotes are tailor-made for your unique request. Most importantly, and thanks to our AI enhanced project management system, we are able to offer a variety of approaches to meet your budget without compromising on the result.  

As such, our price reflects:


Your needs


Your deadlines


Your desired level of input

“But what can I actually expect to pay?”

Let’s see some examples of pricing for projects we have completed.

However, it’s important to remember every business is different, so for an accurate quote get in touch.

Web and HTML

We have custom designed and built websites for various industries (£2050 £6000), and completed e-detail developments (£1500).

Quality Audits

Recent examples with clients include a full ABPI Compliance Audit of a medical website (£850) and a QA of a 90 minute video transcript (£2500).


We have created an urgent Email Campaign (£500), an industry-specific Blog Package (£3000) and targeted Marketing Support (£2500).


We have recently finished a 4 Module Course (£9500) taking into account the desired level of interactivity and complexity. 


We recently finished a Medical Translation in 4 languages, plus an independent proofing expert (£3100), and non-industry specific translation (£500).


Thanks to our global team of experts, we are able to manage and deliver any project you can think of and also create a quote that works for your budget.

Projekt Rising is many factors faster, more cost-effective, and delivers work of a higher standard than previous business partners. This is enabling us to complete more projects and get to market faster, while reducing internal pressure and stress.

VP, Head of Global Marketing

Case Study: Video Animation

Using video to engage customers and create shareable media.

Price: £2300

Case Study: In-Built Quality Audit

Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of industry related compliance fines.

Price: £130 – £800

Case Study: E-Learning

Increasing customer loyalty through online education.

Price: £3350

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