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General Questions

What is Projekt Rising?

Projekt Rising is a project management and delivery service designed to produce excellent results, increase project efficiency, and reduce costs thanks to our innovative business model.  

Our unique machine-learning software and fully scalable expert team follow our proven system that delivers projects of any size and in all industries.

Whatever project you need delivered, we can deliver it.  

Why is project management important for any company in any industry?

Project management delivers real value to companies using practiced techniques, intelligent tools and specific industry knowledge.  
When done properly, a company will experience projects delivered on time and to the highest standard, in turn leading to greater business opportunities and growth. 

Why do projects fail?

A failed project can simply be when the required asset isn’t delivered on time or within the agreed-upon budget, or it can be when the final asset doesn’t deliver the desired results.  

From our experience, we have seen that this happens for the following reasons: 

  • Lack of resource planning
  • Unclear goals and objectives 
  • Lack of project visibility 
  • Communication gaps 
  • Scope creep 

    At Projekt Rising we have systems in place to mitigate all of the above and we are passionate about threading our skills and expertise into our long-last relationships with our clients so that they can focus on their core role.  

    What is the best project management tool or software?

    In our opinion, there is no such thing as the best project management tool or software because it comes down to personal preference, experience, and needs.  

    However, we can agree that we all want to work with people who care, who manage more efficiently, and who deliver high quality projects on time. That is where Projekt Rising comes in.  


    Projekt Rising

    Is Projekt Rising just another project management software?

    Absolutely not.  

    Typical project management software still requires you to manage your project and still allows room for errors and delays, as well as a lack of resources.  

    At Projekt Rising we not only manage your projects, we also strategise, design, plan and deliver your projects allowing you to be completely hands off and spend time on what’s important to you.  


    How can Projekt Rising help me at work?

    Projekt Rising will help you by taking the burden of managing delivery for any or all of your projects. You will then be able to spend time on other core responsibilities and make the most of your valuable time.  

    In summary, Projekt Rising gives you time to succeed at work by ensuring you can focus on what matters. 

    Should I just use the agency my company has always used?

    We view ourselves as a long-lasting partnership and not as an agency. We behave accordingly, evolving as you evolve. 

    Our partnership is synonymous with project completion, cost efficiency, and meeting deadlines, whilst being a team player. Consider us colleagues and guides to successful project management.  

    *We understand that words don’t build trust, relationships do. We want you to experience our true value and trial working with us on one of your projects. We will make the transition smooth and enjoyable, so get in touch today. 

    How do you choose the right people from your team to deliver a project?

    Each project requires specific knowledge and experience for success.  

    Having delivered hundreds of projects across industries, we are experts at selecting team members who have the specific skills needed for a project. By being able to select from a pre-vetted pool of global talent, we can ensure the highest quality output at the correct price point.  


    Do you work internationally?

    Yes, we work both locally and with companies around the world, and we understand the professional importance of understanding different cultures.  


    How do you overcome time zone issues?

    Depending on the client’s time zone and project timeline, we form a team that crosses international borders to benefit from time zone differences.

    Our AI enhanced project management system runs continuously enabling projects to progress as soon as an element of work is completed without waiting for the next working day in a specific time zone. 


    Can you work in other languages?

    Absolutely. Our project managers and freelancers are international and able to work in other languages.  

    We pride ourselves on being able to deliver any project and language is not a barrier.  



    What types of projects can you deliver?

    If you can think of it, we can plan it and deliver it for you.  

    We have completed over 1,000 projects covering most industries, and we are always looking for new challenges.  

    *If you would like to see examples of project areas we have worked on, please click here.  


    What industries do you work in?

    We deliver projects in all industries, and we have in-depth experience ranging all the way from FMCG to technology to pharma.  

    Our processes and resources allow our clients access to the right experts who have industry-specific knowledge in order to deliver industry-specific projects.  

    What size projects do you usually work on?

    We can work on projects of any size, big and small. From as little as £150 up to £200,000 and beyond.  

    Our clients rely on us for large programmes of work as well as for small, repeat projects.

    Thanks to our experience, we implement different approaches depending on the size which allow us to deliver at pace and maintain the highest quality. 

    We always tailor our process to you, so the team we build will be proportionate to your project.

    If your project is small, then we will create a lean team of experts to deliver an excellent outcome. If your project is large and needs a variety of skills, then we will be able to scale our team and use our machine-learning platform to produce the best results within your deadline. 

    We only want to work with one partner, are you able to scale to our needs?

    Yes. We specialise in building long-lasting partnerships and have proven experience scaling to the needs of our clients.  

    To do that, we first work hard to fully understand your processes and how best we can collaborate with you. We customise our approach to make sure it works for you, and in order to create a seamless process that always delivers results.  

    We are your project management and delivery team, and we thrive off helping you succeed. 

    How quickly can you deliver?

    Faster than you can brief us! 

    Thanks to our unique process and 20+ years of experience, we can deliver quickly. In fact, our delivery time is usually quicker than it takes our clients to finalise their brief. 

     We also understand that there might be delays due to your internal review system, but we plan for it and we are prepared for it.  

    How do you guarantee quality?

    Our industry-specific Quality Auditing team members are always included in projects as standard to ensure our assets meet the client’s brief first time.  

    We can also include additional Quality Assurance checks if necessary for a specific type of project. 


    Can I choose who will be part of the delivery team?

    Absolutely. Our goal is to guide you and make sure that the management and execution of your projects is optimal. It might require us building an entire team with our resources, or it might be a mix of your team with ours. 

    We can seamlessly onboard and support your team members to take part in any project. They will also benefit from our project management support, payment support and other benefits of our software and processes. 

    Your project managers can also be added to our platform and use our system to deliver projects.  

    I’m very busy and don’t want to have to be very involved, is that an issue?

    That is not a problem. We understand time is precious, and we want to support you by taking away the burden of projects and managing their successful delivery. 
    We make it easy for you to hand everything over to our highly experienced project managers who will take care of everything for you, reporting back to you at agreed stages and, finally, with the completed and quality-assured asset. 

    It’s important that I am involved in the execution of the project, how will that work?

    We build partnerships with our clients which means we put effort into learning about your needs and ways of working. We adapt to you, and we can involve you as much or as little as you like in the execution of the project. 

    Your involvement will be defined at the start of the project, where we define milestones, communication, and objectives.  

    How do you know what I need?

    It is our job to know what you need and guide you through the process in order to avoid any issues.  

    We have deep core experience across industries and countries, and we know the right questions that need answering at the beginning of a project.  

    We also have access to a pool of global talent with expert skills, so we make sure all the bases are covered in order to avoid last-minute issues.  

    What happens if I am not happy with the result?

    Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, so we have processes in place to make sure that you are always happy with our project management and delivery.   

    Our milestones are set up so that you can see how the project is advancing and raise any questions with our project managers who will be available for you from start to finish.  

    Pricing and Invoicing

    How and when do you create a quote?

    Once we have defined your needs and objectives, we create a quote for the project and receive your approval before starting.  

    The quote you receive is the true cost for the agreed project scope, including your chosen number of revisions. There are never any hidden or surprise costs.  

    If there is a scope change or need for additional revisions, then the price will be affected, but there are never price changes without your approval.  

    When do I have to pay?

    We agree payment milestones before starting and we only ever request payment once you approve the milestones are complete. 

    As with each step of our process, we can also customise payment milestones, ensuring you’re always comfortable before payment.  

    *For initial trial projects, we are able to set up one structure and then move to a longer-term payment structure once you are happy to commit to our partnership. 

    What is included in the price?

    Our quotes are tailor-made for each client’s unique request.  

    Our price includes the level of support needed, and our experts can help you determine this during the briefing process.  

    A project manager and quality audits are typically included in the price, but we can scale up or down accordingly.  

    Thanks to our experience, we are able to come up with a variety of approaches to meet your budget – such as a different team blend or longer delivery time – without compromising on the result.  

    To summarise, our price reflects your needs, your deadlines and your desired level of control.  


    What factors keep the cost down?

    Certain aspects can keep the cost down, such as the number of revisions or the urgency required. If you have concerns about this, then we will discuss it before or during the briefing process.  

    Thanks to our experience, we understand the importance of using the appropriate talent and skills mix for the task required, which means you won’t overpay for the same result.  

    We also practice what we preach, working efficiently with a small core team alongside an extensive remote team, which helps us keep costs down and build a price that works for you.  


    Can I get a quote for a project?

    Of course. Click here to send us your brief or call us on+44 (0)1733 806886

    Are there any additional or hidden fees?

    No. The price you agree at the start of the project is the price you will pay. No hidden fees or surprise price increases. 

    If the scope changes, then we will discuss price adjustments with you.  


    What happens if there are errors with the work?

    We have a revisions process embedded in our project management and delivery service so that we can fix any potential error before delivery.  

    Can you support blanket POs?

    Yes. We have integrated management and reporting facilities and we support blanket POs.  

    Do you support Net Terms payment?


    Do you accept and support multiple currencies?

    Yes, as we work internationally, we accept and support multiple currencies 

    How do I know I’m getting the best price?

    You’re getting the best price for the team we are building as we don’t have any overheads or massive internal team. We are lean and remote, and we pass those savings directly onto you.


    Do you have any flexibility on project quotes?

    Yes, we can review the mix of resources, deadlines and revisions, adjusting them to your budget.  

    Do you allow credit card payments for your Project Delivery Trial Service for new clients?

    Yes. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you.  

    Getting Started

    How can I get started?

    Perhaps you have a project brief, perhaps you only have a rough idea of what you need, or perhaps you just want to get to know us a bit better. Either way, get in touch for a free consultation.  

    We’re always happy to get to know new people and solve new problems, so even if you think that what you need isn’t possible, ask us.  

    We will walk you through options and processes, giving you a taste of what a partnership with us looks like.  

    How quick is the on-boarding process?

    As quick as you can be. We can set up discovery call and confirm the project brief within 24 hours.

    Can I just do a trial to see how we work together?


    There are no minimum size projects, so if you would like to get to know us and see how we can manage and deliver a trial project, get in touch to discuss your brief.   



    We have very specific procurement processes, can you adapt to our process?

    Yes. All our clients have specific needs, and our goal is to get to know them individually so that we can adapt and make sure the process is seamless. 

    We undertake a business partner risk assessment, do you have experience in this process?

    Yes. This is an important factor for many of our clients and we make sure that the process is as simple as possible.  

    Where can I find your Terms of service and other legal documents?

    Click the following links or contact us for specific requests. 

    Do you allow credit card payments for your Project Delivery Trial Service for new clients?

    Yes. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you.  

    Security & Privacy

    Do you have documented information security policies in place?

     Yes. We update them at least once a year in order to address new trends or threats.  

    Have you established information security training programmes?

    Yes. It is performed at hire and refreshed annually or more frequently, to address new threats and trends. Regular awareness campaigns are also held to address new attacks such as ransomware/phishing. 

    Do all laptops, desktops and servers have properly configured commercial anti-malware software installed and always running?

    Yes. The software is automatically updated on all devices.  

    Do you sign NDAs with each client?

    Yes. All our resources must sign NDAs.

    In accordance with the NDA, we hand over all the assets and delete working files once the project is completed.  

    Our contracts ensure commercial sensitivity, proprietary, and market sensitive information is secure and cannot be accessed, used or reused.  

    AI-enhanced project management software

    What is your software and how does it work?

    Our innovative project management and delivery platform was built based on 20+ years’ experience in project management and delivery.  

    Our software allows us to focus on the important tasks whilst it: 

    1. Keeps costs low. By taking care of requirements that don’t need the skills and expertise of the team, freeing their time to focus on delivering value to our clients.  
    1. Increases speed of delivery. By using machine-learning automation to drive plans forward, or to escalate to human interaction when necessary.  
    1. Ensures the highest quality output. By mitigating risk and identifying issues that human eyes might miss.  
    Why did you build it?

    Our platform is always on, always efficient, and always supported by our project management experts.  

    No one else had built anything similar and we had a vision of creating a system that could establish our clients’ needs and create seamless project management and delivery. 

    Our focus is on you, our client, and our software allows us to spend more time on you.  


    Will I be able to log in and use the software directly?

    Yes, some of clients choose to log in, whereas others prefer a fully hands-off approach to partnering with us. It’s up to you. 


    I have a strong team but would still like to use your software, is that possible?

    Yes. We can adapt our service and offering to meet your needs, offering you training and support when necessary.  

    Have another question?

    Just give us a call on +44 (0)1733 806886 for an immediate response.

    Or email and we’ll talk with you today.