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Climate Strategy

How we will measure and reduce our impact

Projekt Rising is committed to becoming a Net Zero company,
but our intention is wider than emissions alone.

Net Zero is a widely used term and while its overall intent is clear, it is widely open to misinterpretation and abuse. While we have to use this language, we realise that there are other terms that could be applied. Our intentions are to reduce our company’s impact to the environment not just by a specific measure such as carbon dioxide, but universally across all areas impacted by our existence as a company.

We are fortunate that our business model is already low impact, but there are many more specific actions we can take as a company to improve from this baseline.

The following Pillars communicate our strategy for exponential climate actions. Across each of the pillars, we will periodically assess and analyse the scope of our emissions and the results of reductions, disclosing those results publicly. We will complete our first company-wide measurement by the end of 2022 Q1.

Pillar 1 – Our Own Emissions

We are a fully remote company; we keep business travel to the minimum sustainable level and travel by low carbon transport where possible.

Our product is a service that is delivered digitally without in person connectivity, further minimising our travel footprint.

We lease IT equipment from provider companies who have a clearly documented and demonstrated re-use (circular) strategy.

We are working to reduce our home working emissions through guidance and incentivisation towards low carbon electricity and heating solutions.

We embrace sustainability and encourage our team to consider changes they can make to reduce their impact on the environment.

We will start by surveying our team for any and all ideas of ways we can reduce our impact or improve the environment around us. Possible early actions include: local litter picking walks, plastic reduction month, grow your own guides, vegan recipe swap. We will establish a calendar of actions to build engagement in our team.

Pillar 2 – Our Value Chain Emissions

Our Value Chain is a combination of global specialist resources, Cloud computing and internet connectivity.

Our view of ‘talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not’ and our efforts to solve this enables individuals to work locally without commuting requirements, minimising global travel based emissions for our Projects.

The majority of our specialists operate from home office spaces using the power supply available to them locally.

We will encourage this to be aligned with our Net Zero target, using a combination of light touch comms and a specialist fund grant scheme increasing access to technology to enable remote work globally, with priority to Net Zero solutions.

Our cloud computing, ISP and software providers will be selected based on their net zero commitments. We will not commit to long term contracts with any party who fail to communicate and demonstrate these commitments.

All other suppliers will be assessed on their Net Zero and Sustainability credentials as part of supplier selection.

We will evaluate using criteria established by Carter and Jennings in the paper ‘The role of purchasing in corporate social responsibility: a structural equation analysis’ 2004 and extended
by Mohammad Asif Salam, Murad Ali in 2020, assessing potential suppliers across 8 core measures: Environmental, Sustainability, Diversity, Social Programs, Ethical, humans rights, community focus and safety.

Pillar 3 –
Our Vision, Strategy, Product and Service alignment to Net Zero

We believe the vast majority of projects globally can be managed without in-person project management and are developing our technology to enable this.

In fact, with the exception of construction and lab-based research projects, the majority of all projects globally can be delivered fully remote with no in-person contact between the delivery team or customer stakeholders. We have successfully delivered this model for the past 5 years.

Our technology is minimising the human work required to manage projects enabling project managers to deliver more without proportional scaling of staff requirements.
Our business model is to enable Net Zero Project Management globally.

During our journey to Net Zero, we will work in partnership with the Woodland Trust to plant trees in excess of our Carbon footprint, in support of the global shift against deforestation, but just as importantly because we love spending time in the woods surrounded by nature.

Pillar 4 – Our Contribution beyond our own business

While our voice is small, we will talk loudly about our efforts and achievements and encourage our networks and organisations of which we are a member to strengthen their efforts.

We will communicate our strategy, achievements, and areas of improvement to our investors, global team, customers, and social followers frequently to encourage wider adoption and demonstration of commitments to net-zero.