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Thoughts on remote work and the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown from our CEO Tim.

Corporate leaders have long attempted to maintain in-office organisations and forced co-location of their staff.

Over the past few weeks (depending on where your reading this from) companies have been strongly encouraged or forced to allow anyone who can to work remotely.

Rather than this causing a massive productivity drop, leaders are now seeing that by trusting employees and focussing on output rather than attendance, the business continues, maybe not as normal, but was normal best?

So, what happens next?

Will your business force all staff back into the office, or will you allow or even encourage your staff to work flexibly from their home environments?

And if you don’t, will your staff stay? Your employees will start to demand remote work as part of their employment benefits.

If you don’t offer it, some of your best staff will leave for somewhere that does!