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As a busy person, you have enough to think about. One of the things you don’t want to spend time on is figuring out when and where you’ll meet with colleagues and potential customers. Luckily, technology can help, use a smart meeting booking tool! Here are some simple steps for coordinating schedules with those around you:

Share your availability

When it comes to meeting scheduling, there’s no need to stress. The best option is to make your calendar availability visible to people that you want to meet with. This could be a shared calendar within your team or organisation, that shows available times, completely open calendars where your colleagues can see all of the detail of your meetings, or a tool that allows potential customers or people outside of your organisation to see gaps and book time in them.

Smart calendar integration

You can use a smart meeting tool to coordinate your meetings in a variety of ways. You can integrate it with different calendar tools, email tools, CRM tools, project management tools and chat/collaboration services.

You can also integrate smart meeting booking with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This allows you to share your availability on websites that are already part of your everyday life: you don’t have to change how you work at all!

Email reminders and follow-ups

You can also use email reminders to give your prospective clients a heads up about upcoming meetings. For example, if you have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning, send an email reminder on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. You could also use an automated follow-up email that goes out 48 hours after the initial booking request was made—especially if the meeting is still being organized (for example, by your assistant).

Email reminders are effective when used sparingly and at the right times, so make sure to send them at the most appropriate moment in the process. If your client has already confirmed their participation in a meeting with you and its details have been set in stone, then they may not need another reminder unless there’s been some major change (like location). It’s important not to clutter people’s inboxes with unnecessary emails; don’t send out too many reminders or else they’ll stop paying attention altogether!

Book in seconds, meet faster

Booking a meeting is now faster and easier than ever. You or your contacts can book a meeting in seconds, whether it’s with your customers and prospects or colleagues within your company. The time you save from not having to waste time scheduling and organizing meetings is time that can be spent on more important things like growing your business.

Simplify first contact with a potential customer

Opening up your calendar to the world is a great way to attract new customers, but it can be overwhelming if you’re unprepared. To make sure that your calendar is ready for action, follow these steps:

  • Make it easy for customers to book a meeting. This can be as simple as adding an appointment button at the top of your website or as complex as using custom code on your site and social media platforms.
  • Block book time in your calendar to deliver the work that you need to concentrate on. This ensures that you are happy to accept meetings that get entered into your calendar automatically, rather than seeing them as a distraction from the work you need to do that day.
  • If it works for you leave a gap in your calendar specifically for external meetings/sales calls, tell your colleagues what you are using that time for and don’t accept any internal meetings during that time.

Use a calendar tool to get the right meetings on your schedule.

Use a smart meeting booking calendar tool to get the right meetings on your schedule.

  • Calendly and Hubspot are two popular options that make it easy to book meetings in seconds.
  • We love Hubspot’s meeting tool as it integrates perfectly with the Hubspot ecosystem providing insights about who is using the tool
  • With Hubspot meetings, you can integrate and measure the use of the meeting booking widget and trigger other activities if for some reason someone clicks on your meeting link but doesn’t book a meeting with you.
  • Meetings can be one-to-one, group meetings or a round robin when the person booking the meeting can get a member of your team who is available when they are.
  • Most of the tools available will also integrate the video meeting link for your call using your preferred platform.

Conclusion – smart meeting booking

We hope this post has helped you understand how to show your availability and reduce the pain in booking meetings. Back and forth messages should be a thing of the past. Make meetings easy, use a calendar booking tool.

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