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Over the last 4 years I have had the opportunity to deliver many Email projects for client’s around the world. These ranged from simple HTML Email design activities, right through to ongoing, full campaign management with analytics. The key to success, no matter the complexity of the project scope, is always defining the right roles for the project team and filling each with a superstar!

The secret to great results…
For each deliverable, I always engage Freelancers who specialise in the specific skill I am looking to fill, rather than trying to source one Freelancer to deliver it all. My email layout work has a leading Graphic designer on the case, while the HTML coding work is taken care of by my expert developer. This approach results in top quality work at each stage of the projects lifecycle and ultimately a very happy client! Think of it in terms of building a house, you wouldn’t ask your brick layer to wire the electrics as well as build your walls.

Of course there are challenges to consider when sourcing multiple experts onto your project team:

  • You need to have trusted experts in each field. This takes time and experience to build a pool of talent you know can deliver and won’t let you down.
  • Then managing multiple resources takes time and skill. This is where an experienced project manager is key. Someone who understands each element of the project and can guide the team to deliver seamlessly.

You can, of course, engage a general HTML Email Freelancer to take care of the design work as well as the coding, people do have both skills, but I have never seen the same highly polished result. Using an expert in each space is always my recommendation.

What types of projects are possible with remote talent?
As mentioned, the complexity of email projects I have managed has varied massively. You may think that only simple projects can be handled by Freelancers, but this is not the case. The Freelancers I have been lucky enough to collaborate with are nothing short of amazing! These people have to deliver great results or they quite simply won’t get repeat work.

The passion and energy I see in my Freelancer colleagues is what inspires me to follow my heart in the world of remote project delivery. It is a breath of fresh air working with people who ooze positivity and focus on what we can do instead of the barriers along the way. Think of the exhilarating journey down a water-slide, fun, exciting and you just want another go! This is how it feels to work with the best Freelance talent!

So I digress, back to the capabilities on Email delivery. Just what can be done?

Email design

  • Typically including multiple initial layouts to help a client select a preferred option
  • Alignment with brand guidelines where required or proposing new styles to improve reader engagement
  • Production of email template layouts to allow reuse on mail campaigns

Email copy production

  • Writing of brand-aligned, engaging copy to ensure your target audience want to read your email and understand the key messages within it.
  • Translation of email copy to allow email campaigns to be used across various markets

HTML Fully Responsive Email coding

  • Coding of one-off emails or production of repeat use responsive email templates
  • Refreshing copy on an existing email template to ensure mobile responsive behavior
  • Full testing on various platforms to ensure no issues on release

Email blast management

  • Building and managing mail lists
  • Loading Email assets onto campaign systems e.g. Exact target, mail chimp, Eloqua etc…
  • Sending of selected emails to target mail lists
  • One off or on-going management and scheduling of repeat email campaigns


  • Monitoring required statistics and presenting back to clients e.g. open rate, click rate
  • Recommendations to improve email engagement for the target audience

(The above gives a good idea of the types of project that can easily be delivered through remote talent but is not exhaustive.)

So why work with Projekt Rising on your Email projects:

Cost – You can expect significant savings on previous agency fees, without sacrificing quality. Our team has been utilised to resolve quality issues on existing emails for clients with great results while still delivering a 50% cost saving on the previous agency fee.

Time – Super fast delivery with a dedicated, experienced project manager to coordinate everything for you. Design to coding can be completed in a matter of days!

Amazing talent – Tap into true experts in their fields for a top quality result. Our Freelancers are passionate, incredibly knowledgeable and proven.

Want to know more or need some help to deliver?
So now you have an idea of what can be done and some of my secrets to success. I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this in practice! We are happy to take on full campaign delivery projects but equally understand some clients prefer to execute a small trial project first to help them feel comfortable, so if you have something that may be a great fit, get in touch and we would be happy to talk through the options with you. Alternatively, if you just want to know a little more about us and what we do, check out our Website.

Thanks for reading