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It’s a catchy headline, but what do we mean by ‘Hyper Personalised Marketing results in more sales!’… Personalised marketing has proven to be the most effective way of marketing available today. The use of personalisation has grown rapidly in emails, direct mail and individualised media since its introduction. Hyper personalisation is the evolution of the proven method that is generating even higher results for savvy businesses.

What is Hyper personalisation?

Hyper personalisation is the method of personalising content to an individual to optimise the impact of specific marketing content. It moves Marketing from generic media to ‘speaking’ directly and personally to recipients.

Think about it, you are more likely to buy something from your favourite website which demonstrates an understanding of your needs, welcomes you by name and seemingly knows you, than one that is generic, cold and doesn’t have an affinity with you.

With the advent of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can now create hyper personalised content for your customers based on their previous behaviours, preferences and demographics.  This means that you can have access to a wealth of data about each of your individual users – their likes and dislikes; what they buy regularly; how often they visit certain sites – which allows you to tailor campaigns specifically for each person.  This leads directly into sales opportunities being presented at just the right time in accordance with what your customers want from them.

Here’s a brief example …

You receive an email and instead of the usual marketing spiel, in the subject line it uses your first name and something that is known to interest you, the first line is also personalised to you.

How much more likely are you to open that email than any other generic email you receive?

Recent studies have shown an increase in response between 17% and 84%.  Despite the fact that intellectually you may realise that it’s a marketing communication, it’s got your interest, somebody’s talking to you directly.

When you open the email, you find the content interesting and you click on the link, which takes you to a web page.  The topic may well be a generic marketing landing page but that page also knows who you are, the name of your company and your job role, so the content is perfectly targeted to exactly what you need.

You are much more likely to continue reading, to find out more and to buy from that company … hyper personalisation has worked!

Hyper Personalised Marketing results in more sales! It should be fully integrated in your Marketing Strategy, if it isn’t you are wasting money and it’s time for a rethink.

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