Meet Us

As a freelancer, there are many platforms to choose from… You can be one in millions, one of the top 3%, or work on one of the many platforms focussing on specific talent niches. They each have catchy taglines and buzzy terms to encourage you and shout about the potential opportunities on their platform.

When you’ve completed the registration process (and often screening process) these platforms allow clients to search for you directly, or provide matching services (algorithm or human managed) suggesting your suitability for a specific client need.

Some of these platforms, allow clients to group ‘their’ freelancers in a number of different ways. You may already have been added to one of these groups with or without your knowledge. These groupings aim to simplify the management of freelancers within an organisation and in theory open up the use of freelancers to the wider business by highlighting skills, abilities and high performers.

It’s often impossible to volunteer yourself into these groups, as they are based on previous experience with a client or perceived high potential. You may have become aware of a specific client using Freelancers and want to get in it, but find the barriers to entry frustrating or impossible.

Most of the platforms allow you to search for work, but this can also be frustrating as you’re competing with global talent. You see everything from crazy low ball bids to eye watering hourly rates. What’s the right amount to bid? What are your skills worth?

How are we different?

We’re not a Freelancer Management System, but we do match clients project needs to amazing freelancers. We get to know our virtual remote colleagues and form teams to deliver exceptional projects for our clients. We don’t believe in a race to the lowest rates, we fairly compensate for excellent work. Our clients trust us to deliver high quality without compromise.

When we have gaps in our resources we use these platforms to find and work with freelancers, but a lot of the time we work directly with our network of trusted talent.

If you’re interested in a different choice and would like to work with us, please get in touch at Tell us a bit about yourself, why you freelance and the skills that set you apart from the crowd.