Building and managing remote Freelancer teams

Following on from our previous post regarding the challenges facing brand managers, we have created some guidelines to help you when working with Freelancer teams. When working with distributed teams on your projects it is vital to understand how to manage the delivery. Selecting the right talent and structuring your project appropriately is the key to success. To help, I will share some of my methods.  Let’s take an example project, say we need to localise our brand video and add […]

Brand Manager Challenge – Campaign delivery with constrained budgets

Your in-house team are backed up and you can’t afford your agencies fees for a campaign of this size. It looks like something will have to give. Sadly this is a typical scenario many brand managers find themselves in when planning the delivery of their campaigns.  Budgets continue to be tight and difficult choices have to be made, often to the detriment of the campaign scope, with some highly valuable assets and ideas lost along the way. Not only is […]