Building trust in remote teams

Tim shares his thoughts on building trust (and maximising performance) in remote teams. You may not realise this but Projekt Rising is a fully remote company. All of our team members (employed and contracted) work from home offices or co-working spaces. I’ve been fully remote for 7.5 years and have led remote teams for longer than I am willing to share. As we’re all working remote at the moment, I hope that some of my hard learnt lessons will be […]

So now everyone knows, remote work works!

Thoughts on remote work and the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown from our CEO Tim. Corporate leaders have long attempted to maintain in-office organisations and forced co-location of their staff. Over the past few weeks (depending on where your reading this from) companies have been strongly encouraged or forced to allow anyone who can to work remotely. Rather than this causing a massive productivity drop, leaders are now seeing that by trusting employees and focussing on output rather than attendance, […]

The journey begins

Projekt Rising Co-founder – Oli’s Story

Project delivery has always been a passion of mine, from the start of my career at Caterpillar as an IT Analyst I thoroughly enjoyed the buzz of driving positive change into the business and seeing the great results. As I matured in my role, progressing to senior project manager, I built on my experience. The scopes of work in my control naturally evolved in both size and complexity, soon I found myself coordinating global resources to deliver large programs of […]