How can we promote freelancer diversity as adoption increases and project size grows?

Freelancing platforms have made a huge impact, enabling freelancers to find work regardless of gender, race, creed, disability or demographic, changing millions of lives across the world. For Companies or Individuals with a hiring need (let’s call them hiring managers), they enable anyone to go direct to talent and deliver with freelancers anywhere in the world. As a Company’s use of freelancing platforms increase, they tend to look at whether they can maximise the Time and Cost benefits by extending […]

Freelancing is all about choice

As a freelancer, there are many platforms to choose from… You can be one in millions, one of the top 3%, or work on one of the many platforms focussing on specific talent niches. They each have catchy taglines and buzzy terms to encourage you and shout about the potential opportunities on their platform. When you’ve completed the registration process (and often screening process) these platforms allow clients to search for you directly, or provide matching services (algorithm or human […]

It’s a big world

It’s a big world! If you look across from your desk to your colleagues, how many people can you see? How many of those are the best in the world at what they do? The challenges of critical business projects and firefighting in a corporate environment, mean your most highly skilled colleagues are always in demand. You struggle to get your best people on your project (and they’re only the best people in your organisation!) You could delay your project, […]

Welcome to Projekt Rising

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