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Your in-house team are backed up and you can’t afford your agencies fees for a campaign of this size. It looks like something will have to give.

Sadly this is a typical scenario many brand managers find themselves in when planning the delivery of their campaigns.  Budgets continue to be tight and difficult choices have to be made, often to the detriment of the campaign scope, with some highly valuable assets and ideas lost along the way.

Not only is this damaging to the team’s morale but it also makes your targets harder to meet.  Fewer assets and customer exposure ultimately means the potential for lost growth.

Additionally, in this fast-paced digital world we live in, technology evolves at an incredible rate.  Keeping up with new advances and having the capabilities around you to deliver can be difficult, with traditional agencies also struggling to adjust.  Take the retirement of Flash banner support as an example; one minute we were all happily delivering our banners in Flash only to be told, guess what, we won’t support this anymore, by the way, you heard of HTML5 right?! We need to be able to pivot at a moment’s notice and tap into new skills to change as required.

So what can be done about this predicament?  It really leaves us with two choices, keep working the way we do today and struggle to deliver or get creative with how we execute.

In any industry you are likely to fail if you stand still.  The key to success is embracing change and having the courage to adapt and try new approaches.

The Solution – Building and managing remote Freelancer teams

I have been lucky enough to work with many pioneering brand managers who have embraced such change and seen them transform the way they work.  The results are truly impressive, making budgets go further, turning around assets faster and ultimately delivering more with less.

The secret is tapping into the best global skills to build an extended team of amazing Freelance talent to support your delivery.  If done right, you will be able to deliver at the same quality as your traditional agency but with up to 70% cost savings.  Imagine the additional assets you could include within your campaign with those types of numbers!  Also, Freelancers are fast….very fast.  And let’s face it they have to be awesome or they simply don’t get repeat work.

Then there are the skills, currently, there are over 54 million Freelancers in the US and UK alone, that’s just two countries!  These top skilled individuals can Freelance because they are the best, experts in their fields and their diverse skills can fill those gaps you find on your campaign delivery.

In conclusion, finding the best talent, building your relationships and appropriately managing the delivery will help you achieve success with your Freelancer team time and time again.  It will take effort and hard work but no change worth doing is easy, right?

Project Examples

So now for some inspiration!  Below are some of the typical project types I have helped deliver with great Freelancers.  Check out the linked blog posts, where available, to understand a little more about how each process works.

  1. Explainer videos
  2. HTML Emails design, coding and campaign execution
  3. eDetail aid design and technical delivery
  4. Presentation designs and polish work
  5. Translation and localisation
  6. Voice over
  7. Print and digital design adaptation/localisation
Taking action & where to get support

If this all seems too complicated but you know your campaign just won’t happen without it, you don’t have to go it alone.  A great project manager is a worthwhile investment on these projects, where a distributed, multi-skilled team is required.  The time you save due to their experience and expertise will easily cover any additional cost.

Your project manager will have a source of trusted talent and know who matches your specific project needs.  Working with someone proven like this, greatly reduces the chance of any major issues and ensures a smooth, stress-free delivery for you.

Projekt Rising offer a unique project delivery service, combining exceptional project management processes and knowledge, machine intelligence and the most talented freelancers on the planet to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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If you would like to find out more about how to manage your Freelancer teams, check out our blog post here.