Brand Manager Challenge – Campaign delivery with constrained budgets

Your in-house team are backed up and you can’t afford your agencies fees for a campaign of this size. It looks like something will have to give. Sadly this is a typical scenario many brand managers find themselves in when planning the delivery of their campaigns.  Budgets continue to be tight and difficult choices have to be made, often to the detriment of the campaign scope, with some highly valuable assets and ideas lost along the way. Not only is […]

Project Focus – Mastering eDetail aids!

When I started as a project manager, I had no idea what an eDetail aid was or how it benefited businesses. It is safe to say I’ve had my eyes opened and am genuinely impressed by the power of this sales tool. For those reading this in a similar position, I will give you my overview of what these clever sales assets are. In summary, an eDetail aid is an electronic version of a product information brochure. Instead of sitting […]

Project Focus – Presentation design and polish

We all know the situation, Friday morning and you are looking forward to the weekend, its tantalisingly close but something is about to spoil this wonderful feeling… From the corner of your eye you see your manager approaching and yes you guessed it, you need to present on Monday and have nothing prepared, good bye sweet weekend! I joke but this does happen and when it does there is nothing worse. In this competitive world the demand on professionals is […]

Project Focus – Email campaigns, how to deliver great results

Over the last 4 years I have had the opportunity to deliver many Email projects for client’s around the world. These ranged from simple HTML Email design activities, right through to ongoing, full campaign management with analytics. The key to success, no matter the complexity of the project scope, is always defining the right roles for the project team and filling each with a superstar! The secret to great results… For each deliverable, I always engage Freelancers who specialise in […]

Project Focus – Save Time & Money on your videos

Amazing results, great fun and 50-70% cost savings over traditional agencies! This is my experience when it comes to working with some of the exceptionally talented Freelancers in the video production space. Video production projects are amazing. There is something extremely satisfying about seeing the end result, so visual and creative, nothing else quite compares. Best of all I am fortunate enough to know some truly wonderful video talent around the world, many of whom have become friends as well […]