About Us

Why Projekt Rising?

We founded Projekt Rising to solve Project Delivery with remote freelance teams.

We'd seen the challenges of finding the right freelancer and managing their delivery at Upwork, but when customers wanted more complex projects requiring teams of freelancers, it became exponentially more difficult and required lots of human input.

We'd seen Project Managers using a huge variety and number of tools to try and manage freelance team delivery.

We could have pushed for building a project management tool / layer for freelance platforms, but wanted to go beyond and see just how much of the activity of a Project Manager could be replaced and improved with Intelligent Automation.

So we settled on being disruptive, a protest against authority, a revolt, a Rising!


Tim Davies - CEO / Co-founder

Ex Upwork, Caterpillar. Software Engineer by trade, Project Manager by accident and a remote work and freelance Evangelist. Tim has led teams across Information Technology, Research & Development, Customer Success and Professional Services.

Outside of Projekt Rising, he enjoys mountain biking (ideally with a pub stop) and games/movies/cooking with his family.

Oli Corder - COO / Co-founder

Ex Upwork, Caterpillar. Customer-focused, highly successful program and project manager, with a broad range of experience across Marketing, IT, HR, Health care, Medical devices, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Outside of Projekt Rising, he enjoys fishing, swimming and badminton and games/movies/cooking with his family.