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Focus on your core role and we’ll do the hard work for you

We help you manage, resource, and deliver any task or project

Whatever your project – big or small – you can rely on us to build you the right team of experts and meet all your project deadlines. 

Project Areas:

Business & Admin

Quality Audit


Marketing & Sales

Photo & Video


Customer Service



Content Creation

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From small business to enterprise, over 1000 companies outsource their work to us:

Global Talent Pool

Access unlimited resources without the stress of hiring

Looking for specific skills, but don’t have the time to spend hours sourcing freelancers and negotiating fees?

Projekt Rising completely removes your struggle.

Our expert team selects and manages the best multidisciplinary freelancers for you from our fully-vetted, global talent pool. 

Our project managers will be your point of contact and are here to ensure all quality audits and milestones are met.

“If I’d known I could’ve accessed so many experts in one place I would’ve saved a lot of time. No more trial and error needed as now I can simply rely on you.
Great team, great work.”

Amine Lotfi, Managing Director

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Scalable & Efficient

Spend time on what matters to you

Feel like you’re spending too much time chasing deadlines, building teams or rushing urgent projects?

Whether it’s a one-off project, a one-year strategic engagement or a life-long partnership, we can scale proportionately and quickly to complete the work that will benefit your department or business.

Spend your time focusing on your core role and responsibilities, whilst we manage your project and deliver the results you need.

Growth opportunities

Complete every project on time

Are delays and a stretched team causing you missed deadlines? Do you have ideas for growth projects, improvements, or better customer service strategies, but lack the manpower and skills to implement them?

We can work to your project schedule, take on your workload, and complete all your projects on time. We give you the scope to accelerate your plans and help you reach key metrics and goals.

How we work

Let’s get started

1. Define your needs

Set up a discovery call today to discuss your objectives and project needs.

2. Confirm your project brief

The brief includes project details, milestones and deadlines so you have full access to the process.

3. Meet your team

Based on your requirements, your project team will be created from our specialist team and freelancers. Or even a hybrid with your team.

4. Receive a quote

With your brief and team confirmed, you will now receive a transparent quote for the entire project.
No hidden fees ever.

5. Focus on your core role

Step back from the project and rely on us to deliver the highest quality results for you, on time.
You can now concentrate on the bigger picture.

6. Benefit from our ongoing partnership

Start to build a long-lasting relationship with us, knowing that the better we understand you, the faster we can produce quality results.

Project Delivery

Why Projekt Rising?

We’re a team of project delivery experts with over 40+ years of experience in project and resource management. According to our clients, our speed, cost, and quality are unmatched.

Backed by Technology

Our unique machine-learning system monitors delays or errors at any stage. It then offers insights and immediate action.

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Machine-learning measuring that understands each stage of the project

24/7 Project monitoring

Reduced workload with higher output

Transparent Pricing

With our lean and remote core team, there are no overheads or unnecessary expenses. We pass our savings on to you. 

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Transparent quotes built around your project needs

No hidden fees

Agreed payment milestones

Scalable & Efficient

Looking for one expert freelancer or an entire team? Need a task or project completed urgently? Our system grows with you. 

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Limitless global freelance talent pool managed by us

Scalable machine-learning software

Proportionate teams for each project brief

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So, shall we get started?

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