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Growth solved with Automation and AI

AI, Automation and Creative.

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Resource gaps...

In the current climate of economic uncertainty, Covid, Brexit and Inflation are causing disruption worldwide.

Most businesses are feeling the strain hiring polite, customer-focused and professional staff.

With the competition for Staff fierce, businesses are finding it hard to attract and retain the talent they need to be successful.

Technical deficiencies...

The ever-changing landscape of technology can be difficult for any organisation to keep up with. New technologies are constantly being developed and made available, often with the promise of making older methods obsolete.

There are many benefits to keeping up with the latest advancements, such as increased efficiency, improved quality, and new capabilities.

Competitor concerns...

In a rapidly evolving technological world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with their competitors.

Many businesses are finding themselves forced to adopt new technologies in order to stay ahead of the curve.

We can help!

Growth solved with Automation and AI

When you need help succeeding in the age of Automation and AI…

You’ve come to the right place!

Automation and AI

  • Consulting
  • Solution selection and configuration
  • Solution implementation and training
  • Prototype development
  • Fully Custom solutions

Resource Gaps

  • Outsourced delivery
  • Providing Freelance Talent
  • Freelancer Management
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Automated Outsourcing
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Growth solved with Automation and AI

How are you using AI in your Business?
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What could you Achieve?

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With our global team of specialists we deliver solutions across Marketing, Creative and Tech, combining the power of Automation and AI with a near infinite team of expert talent

Growth solved with Automation and AI

"Simple and flexible process that saves me a lot of time"

Digital Marketing & Product Manager – Medtronic

"Speedy, efficient and great comms all round"

Product Manager – J&J

"Friendly, speedy service and nothing seems too much trouble. Great, competitive pricing too

Principal Training and Education Specialist – Medtronic

"Very responsive and professional team"

Senior Product Manager – Pierre Fabre

"Even the senior team are committed and offer great care and oversight"

Head of Marketing – Modulous

Why Projekt Rising?

Whether you are a small family business or a global Corporation, our service will help your business grow and succeed.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level with AI and Automation, enabling growth and higher profit.

Scalable & Efficient

AI and Automation wherever it will benefit your business combined with amazing global human talent.

Whether you need one specialist or an entire team, the Projekt Rising system grows with you.

Limitless global specialist talent pool managed by us

Scalable machine-learning software

Proportionate teams for each project brief

Transparent Pricing

With our lean and remote core team, there are no overheads or unnecessary expenses. Those savings mean that we can ensure fully transparent pricing and that there are never any hidden costs, ever.

Transparent quotes built around your project needs

No hidden fees

Agreed payment milestones

Backed by Technology

Our unique delivery system that monitors 24/7, watching for anything that might indicate a possible error or a possible delay in the process. It flags things up, then offers insights and immediate action to keep everything on track.

Machine-learning monitoring each stage of the project

24/7 Project monitoring

Reduced workload with higher output

Growth solved with Automation and AI

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Growth solved with Automation and AI